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Who Is The Best Dental Implant Manufacturer?

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Best Dental Implant Manufacturer

Pivot Implantsare committed to producing products that are proof-based and scientifically proven. This dedication began in 1973 with the launch of Pivot Fabrique. With our introduction of dental implants, it remains in full force even today. The 3-plant pivot in Mohali and Nalagarh is built over a total floor area of 1,20,000 Sq. Just ft.

Our strong grip on research, creativity, and unparalleled service makes it possible for our consumers to use our products comfortably, making us the dental industry’s fastest-growing companies.

Pivot implants meet dental professionals’ needs, leverage our expertise and technology, use experts and invest in science, training, and education. All the above results in cost-effective, longer-lasting solutions.

Founded in 1973, our company manufactures and exports a wide range of precision components, watches, timepiece components, and dental implants in the field of development and export. We produce more than 500 components in various industries such as vehicles, security, and watches that find their applications. Wrist Watches, Meters, Automotive Instruments, Medical, Dental, Security & Weighing Scale OEMs are our clients, etc.

In our highly designed production facility, which is fitted with the latest technologies to ensure maximum productivity and performance, the entire range is produced. We ensure that the whole range is checked on the appropriate criteria of the industry. In addition, an in-house quality assurance facility has also been built, which is NABL approved and controlled by efficient quality controls. 

As a customer-centered company, we ensure that our customers are equipped with durable solutions. In addition, we also have an effective selection of customized components to fit the different requirements.

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