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Semi Active Implant

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ShapePivot Implants | Best Dental Implant Manufacturer

Advance Surface Treatment

Pivot Implant surface treatment achieves the desirable outcome of a highly cleaned and safe implant surface with ideal morphology for accelerated integration, initial stability, long term bone healing and solid biological fixation of the implant. We are the leading manufacturer of dental implants in India.

Rough Surfaces

Sand blasted, Large grit, Acid-etched implant surface, (SLA) is a type of surface treatment that creates surface roughness with the goal of enhancing osseointegration through greater Bone to Implant Contact (BIC).
The SLA process increases the rate at which osseointegration occurs by using a combination of Grit & Acid etching to give the surface increased roughness on multiple levels.

This allows osteblasts to proliferate and adhere to the implant surface. Through osseointegration, SLA can help provide increased stability of the implant which will ultimately lengthen its longevity.

We also do the extra treatment for cell adhesion, which reduces the amount of treatment time required while also increasing the treatment Predictability.

Clean Surfaces

Extensive multi-stage cleaning removes undesired residues derived from manufacturing, yielding a contamination-free surface.

Superior Raw Material

Made of biocompatiable grade 4 pure titanium with mechanical properties. Purchased from leading swiss suppliers.

Ultra-Clean Surface Technology

The Ultra High Purity Cleaning Process is a comprehensive approach to producing a high purity surface for dental implants.

Pivot decided to consistently clean their products with ultra-pure water (UPVV), which is rather expensive to produce compared to regular demineralized water and is otherwise mostly employed by the semiconductor industry.

Sterile packaging bedchamber of implants: from simple and non-sterile to elaborately protected.

Packaged To Stay Clean

Dental Implants are delivered in uniquely designed protective packaging. In this superior quality packaging of medical grade polyethylene.
  • Grade 4 Titanium for Implant
  • Grade 5 for Abutments and Screws etc.

Packaged For Convenience

  • Delivered sterile and ready for use. (Gamma Rays)
  • Compact for easy of storage in dental clinic.
  • Effective performance for ease of handling and use.

Morse Design

5° Semi Active
Pinnacle Internal Connection

Implant Design

The Evolution of Implant Design

A new generation implant combining a traditional passive approach with a modern aggressive approach was designed by Pivot to generate optimized bone properties. Our unique design and world class quality make us the leading dental implant manufacturer in India.
Great Primary Stability & Osseointegration.
  • Tapered progressive thread for enhanced initial stability.
  • Accurate osteotomy that meets the implant design
  • Carefully tested drilling protocol that enables insertion torque of 30-50 NCM for abutment screw we need torque 25 NCM due to our small angle of matching of abutments with implant.

Available Sizes

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