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Titanium Implants Manufacturers In India

Everything You Should Know About Titanium Implants

Titanium Implants Manufacturers in India – Titanium implants have made an impact in the dental industry since their invention back in the 1960s. Even while newer materials such as zirconia have been developed, titanium still stands as the most popular choice for the majority of patients requiring dental implants. This can make one wonder about what about titanium implants makes them so incredibly popular through the centuries. Here are some reasons you can consider:

Strength Vs. Weight

When you think about dental implants, you may imagine them as strong as, if not stronger, than natural teeth. This is true as having brittle dental implants would be a pain to replace from time to time, and people with implants wouldn’t be allowed to eat hard, solid foods. Therefore, the titanium implants manufacturers in India incorporate the toughest metal on earth with the highest tensile strength, and make a tooth implant with it that can support the bite force experienced during daily life. Along with this, titanium is also an incredibly light material which makes it perfect for insertion in the jaw to be fitted for a lifetime. The alloy of titanium used for dental implants has the highest ratio of Strength::Weight on Earth – even more than steel.

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Another requirement of a material to be fit for dental implants would be to make it as anti-corrosive as possible since the patient using it is expected to drink a ton of liquids and have saliva which can corrode most metals such as steel. To fix this, titanium implants manufacturers in India use a safe, and think layer of an inert oxide. This provides the implant with great anti-corrosion, even more than stainless steel which makes them perfect for a lifetime of eating and drinking freely.


One of the most important reasons to choose titanium over stainless steel or any other alloy for dental implants is the fact that it is extremely biocompatible. This means that it can create osseointegration. This means that it can fuse with the soft bone tissue and help it grow around the titanium implant just like in the case of a real tooth. This helps keep it stable in the jaw and stabilize the gums to prevent the falling of other teeth as can happen in the case of other metals and having no dental implants. It is also anti-allergenic up to 99.4% which is great for a dental implant material.

Titanium Implants Cost

While it is true that titanium is an expensive material which is the major reason it has not replaced steel in most industries, it is still much cheaper than zirconia. This makes for an extremely efficient dental implant. It’s cost is even validated by its proven longevity. Titanium can be expected to last a lifetime, while zirconia may be a little more brittle.

Now that you know everything that makes titanium ideal for manufacturing in dental implants, you can get your next dental implant with confidence that it will last.

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