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What Is Involved In Getting A Dental Implant?

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Dental Implants

The first step of the process of dental implant is formation of a personalized treatment plan. The entire process caters specific requirements and are prepared by a team of doctors who are particularly trained and experienced in oral surgery and restorative dentistry. This collective approach ensures complete care and concludes with the implant option that is best. An important part of the best dental implant is the initial assessment to determine the availability of jawbone to conduct the surgery. Two major types of dental implants are:

  1. Endosteal (in the bone)
  2. Subperiosteal (on the bone)

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What can go right with a dental implant?

  • Dental implants can improve appearance.
  • Dental implants can improve speech.
  • Implants can eliminate the discomfort like in removable dentures.
  • It can make eating Easier. 
  • It can improve your smile, boosts your confidence.

What comes after dental implants?

  1. Pivot Implants provide ultra-precision equipment to perform the implantation. After making a  small post made of titanium into the bone socket of the missing tooth.Jawbone heals and grows around the implanted metal post properly anchoring the jaw. 
  2. To make the new tooth or teeth, your dentist makes impressions of your teeth, and creates a model of your bite. The shape/ structure of new teeth or teeth is based on this model. 
  3. A replacement tooth, called a crown, is then attached to the abutment. Instead of one or more individual crowns, some patients may have attachments placed on the implant that retain and support a removable denture.

Pivot Implants have complete support of the R & D team who are active in research, preclinical study & research trials. ensure less invasive procedure by holding experience in guided surgery kit which can guide easily to perform any medical procedure by making it very simple.

Dental Implants in Pediatrics

The  use  of  implants  in pediatric  patients is  infrequent,  due  to  the  patient’s  bone  growth. Brånemark (1996) reported  that  there is no  ideal  chronological age for  implant placement. Some factors must be observed when opting for the use of implants in a pediatric patient,

  • anatomical aspect (jaws)
  • Bone  growth 
  • Facial growth

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