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What Are The Upcoming Advancements In Dental Implants?

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  • What Are The Upcoming Advancements In Dental Implants?

For more than three centuries, dental implants have been the tooth replacement method of choice. These allow patients to experience their normal healthy lifestyle with artificial teeth that look, feel, and function exactly like their real ones. Since the method is incredibly successful, it hasn’t changed all that much over time. However, recent medical advancements are quite promising as they claim to change the way we get implants. A lot of these potential trends have shown positive feedback from dental implant suppliers in India as well as the rest of the world. Let’s take a look at some of these:

#1. Creative Advancements

A general consensus among various dentists has suggested the increase in patient demand which would also lead to more cases of single-tooth implants. Some researchers have suggested the possibility of short-spanned, implant supported bridges which will be used for a few teeth instead of the whole mouth.

#2. Implant Placement After Tooth Extraction

Researchers have also suggested reducing the time required to install the new teeth to be a priority for future advancements. As the number of patients increases day by day, patients would demand shorter procedure times. New methods such as teeth-in-an-hour are getting increasingly popular and dentists would have to switch to them to keep up with the new competition. Fortunately, many dental implants suppliers in India have started delivering implants compatible with the mentioned procedure.

However, researchers have suggested that some dentists may be more conservative regarding their current methods and may not adopt new and faster procedures.

#3. Implant Placement with Simultaneous Bone Regeneration

Some new advancements in implant materials including titanium can help the osseointegration to speed up. This will allow for much faster bone regeneration after placing the implants. Researchers have also promised new ways to help in soft tissue reconstruction in the gums. This would allow the dentist to place the crowns much sooner than normal.

#4. Implant-Abutment Connections

Some dental implant suppliers in India have started delivering implants that have an internal connection to the abutment to allow for more tapered design implants. Apart form this, aesthetics are also bound to get enhanced since this leaves more room for the artificial tooth design by making the abutment smaller.

#5. Overcoming Risks

Implants are mostly safe; however, they sometimes can cause the patient to experience conditions such as peri-implantitis from a lack of anti-bodies to fight infections during the implant process. However, manufacturers have suggested newer material forms and diagnostic parameters to help overcome this.

Also, since more and more dentists are now entering the field of implantology, it can be expected that education regarding preventing these conditions would be more common in dentistry institutions. Since the condition can be controlled and prevented by the dentist as well, the future of this trend could go either way.

#6. Digital Incorporation

Digital advancements have also helped push implantology to new heights. More and more dentists have started using CBCT imaging in their offices to scan and make diagnosis before the procedure begins. New tools known as biomarkers are also expected to help monitor the implant and gum health during the early stages as this can help prevent diseases.

Implant surgeries have also been using robot assistants since this allows for more precision and better scans for the implants. Doctors can also use digital mediums for restorative diagnosis and checking jawbone health in real time.

There are many great things to be expected in the future of implantology ranging from new materials being delivered by the dental implant suppliers in India to dentists using new enhanced procedures for more comfort.

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