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Pivot Implants At The International Dental Conference In Goa

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International Dental Conference in Goa

Goa has undoubtedly become a key destination to hold annual scientific dental conferences in the world. Over the past few years, the beach city has witnessed a rising number of Global conferences. Moreover, the city is now being considered as a renowned place or a focal point where experts gather to share their valuable knowledge and experience.

Pivot Implants much-talked about Dental Implant Conference held in Hilton Hotel, Goa. The dental implant lecture cum training session witnessed the presence of Pivot dentists in association with internationally renowned faculty of leaders in the implant industry. 

The dental conference offered an intensive educational program and innovative implant techniques for the entire implant team. Internationally renowned faculty of leaders joined the conference. They provided an insight on the latest implantation techniques. 


The International Conference on Implant Dentistry was held with an aim to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, scholars and dentists under one roof. They got the opportunity to share their valuable experiences and research results on all the aspects of Implant Dentistry. 

The touchpoints of the conference were dedicated to how implants can be effective for people. Especially the ones who are losing their permanent teeth.

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Key Points

Since its inception, Pivot Implant has been dedicated to connecting dental and oral health with the right technology. The conference’s main theme was to present unique and responsive implant techniques in regard to dental care. 

The three day long conference features lectures by renowned doctors like Dr Akash Sachdeva, Dr Sandeep Singh, Dr Tushar Chawla. Their lectures on dental implantation techniques and approaches made the audience well-versed about dental implantation. 

As Pivot Implant is also devoted to dental implant education. The conference gave a glimpse of some of the noteworthy dental implant treatment and techiques. Through the initiatives in dental education and research, the conference was dedicated to improving dental and oral health.

Attendees got the sneak peak of the most advanced products and techniques to be used in the field of implant dentistry. They also got to witness the latest trends in dentistry and how new implantation technology is bringing revolution.

It also provided a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers to share their skills and ideas on all aspects of implant dentistry. Furthermore, the conference also provided a platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and occurrences in the field of dental implants. 

The conference also featured keynote sessions on dental implants. The speakers talked about painless and effective implant treatment. They also talked about how the treatment will be in the future. 

They also discussed the ongoing research with the audience. And, talked about how the research and innovation in this field will further help dental clinics in their treatment. Furthermore, the conference gave dental implantation training to the doctors and the researchers present there. 

To give attendees a fair share of treats, the conference had games and refreshments. So that everyone will enjoy while learning. 

Furthermore, Pivot offered opportunities to attendees to enjoy their stay at Hilton Goa. The three nights, four day stay offered a full-fledged holiday plan. Where for the one day attendees will attend the conference.

While, on the other days, they can enjoy their stay at Hilton Hotels. Live music and gala dinner were the best add-on any one can expect. These were the best highlights that can not only add to your dentistry knowledge. But also, to the best moments of your life.

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