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How Successful Dental Implants You Need To Know

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How Successful Are Dental Implants?

How Successful Dental Implants: Dental implants or endosseous implants have been used to replace missing teeth for more than half a century. They have revolutionized the way by which missing teeth are replaced with a high success rate. Pivot Implants delivers the best quality grade -4 pure titanium with mechanical properties which are considered the standard materials for dental implants with very well documented, high rates of success and survival. It is a very suitable material with very good mechanical properties, biocompatibility, and low plaque affinity. Dental Implants overcomes the drawbacks of conventional fixed partial denture in terms of higher success rate with an implant clinical success rate of 99.6% and decreased sensitivity to adjacent teeth. 

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Risk of Dental Implant with Diabetes?

no worries at all when diabetes is very well under control, the risks of its failure are very less. only the entire medical history of the patient should be disclosed to the specialist to arrive at the best possible decision. so yes it is completely safe to have Dental Implants with diabetes. 

After the implantation, the healing phase is the decisive part of determining the success of the surgery. a properly healed implant can appear as a natural tooth. unmanaged diabetes and fluctuating sugar levels do come in between the healing process. Proper care is pivotal to prevent dental implant failure irrespective of its high success rate.

Dental implants and gum diseases

Gum disease weakens and dissolves the tissue & bone. Treating gum disease does not improve the situation to replace the missing tooth or teeth with Dental Implants. To get a Dental Implant oral health is important and gums should be healthy, no medical process can be performed on infected gums. But even with weak jaw bone there are procedures like bone or soft tissue graft. With these procedures it is possible to perform Dental Implant later. It is very important to take good care of your oral health. Brushing, flossing and avoiding smoking can be really helpful for gums and teeth. 

Dental Implants and Age & Gender

The best dental implants with association with India’s leading manufacturers can prove higher rates of success among older people who are in their 80s and 90s. Actually it is not the age of the patient that is a decisive factor for implantation but the oral health of the patient , the strength and amount of jaw bone present. it attributes to the long term stability of the implant.

Ideal situation is to have a fully developed jaw that is at least over the age of puberty. This is a safe and good factor to be considered to ensure the success of the implant. This doesn’t deny the qualifying ability of the patient not passed puberty to undergo dental implantation.

Gender is the other criteria, earlier puberty in girls than in boys also varies the success rate and qualifying age among these genders. However to ensure better rates of success at least greater than 95% in both the genders, doctors prefer 18 years for both the genders.

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