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How Painful Are Dental Implants?

Many people who need dental implants are worried about the pain associated with it, wondering how long the  pain will lasts after dental implant surgery.  

Dental implantation can cause some pain after getting an implant. During the  procedure, there shouldn’t be any pain as the anesthesia will be given. However, as the numbness wears off, you will most likely start to feel some discomfort. Typically, you could experience some pain and discomfort up to 10 days after the surgery. This is very similar to what you would get in a filling’s procedure. This is more of a drilling procedure than filling. Some ways in which you can manage your recovery at home.

  • Using Ice packs to numb the pain and cut down on the swelling.
  • Rinsing your mouth gently with warm salt water can help with the pain and fight infection-causing bacteria.

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How complicated is the procedure?

Pivot Implants are experienced in manufacturing universal dental kits which can be customized to meet dental professional requirements. the entire procedure by mastering in simplifying the implant technology. The innovative instruments in the kit helps the dentists to make an incision to expose the jawbone. there is no discomfort as following steps will be followed:-

  • the area will be entirely anesthetized.
  • a hole will be drilled for the implant.
  • a pressure will be felt around the implant area of jawbone along with some tenderness after the anesthesia wears off.
  • a pain reliever will be already recommended  for any discomfort felt during the healing process.

Recovery and healing will be different for everyone. Other symptoms you may experience after dental implant surgery include:

  1. bleeding at the surgery site
  2. swelling around the gums and the face
  3. minor bruising
  4. jaw pain 

These symptoms should easily fade in 7 to 10 days following the surgery.

How successful are Dental Implants ?

Best Dental implantation services provided on a healthy patient can be very successful. Pivot Implants hold the positive record of 99.6% success rate in dental implants as they hold 10 year of experience. Pivot Implant provides best equipment and keeps the service provider well equipped with an entire range of high precision equipment to achieve successful results. Moreover,  Cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of products with Ultra-Pure Water (UPVV) and delivering products with protective packing, sterile & ready to use only contribute to the higher rates of success.

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