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Choosing Between Titanium and Ceramic Implants

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Ceramic Vs Titanium Implants

For decades, the dental implants of choice have been titanium implants. However, with increasing development in other materials for dental implants, the popularity for ceramic and zirconium implants has been growing as well. This can cause some confusion among those looking for a brand new implant. The best thing to consider in these cases is to consult your dentist and take their advice for which implant material will suit you more. If you are still offered a free choice to select the material, here is some helpful knowledge that will enable you to make a sound decision:

Benefits of Titanium

When looking at the various kinds of titanium implants in India, it isn’t hard to see the reason for their use. Titanium has a property to attach well with natural bone in a way called the osseointegration. This property has allowed titanium dental implants to become the strongest ones in the industry. Apart from this, titanium is also one of the strongest metals in the world with an extremely high tensile strength. This allows titanium implants to last for a lifetime without any problems.

Challenges of Titanium

While it is an extremely useful and durable metal for dental implants, titanium can actually cause an allergic reaction among some patients. This is usually very rare and is affected by the hygiene of the patient alone, along with some other factors such as smoking, etc. This is however very rare and hardly ever observed with the quality titanium implants in India. Although, you should consult your dentist about potential allergic reactions to titanium. If they say it is possible, then an alternative such as zirconia or ceramic can be used to make your implants.

Benefits of Ceramic

Ceramic implants are rather new in the industry, yet have been gaining popularity for the reason that they can be used to mimic real teeth. Ceramic is naturally white, and hence becomes a great choice for patients looking for better aesthetics in their dental implants. Apart from this, they have similar properties to titanium when bonding with soft tissue. However, it hasn’t been fully developed yet so it would be wise to not rely fully on it. They are also less prone to getting plague trapped in between them which makes them appealing to most patients.

Challenges of Ceramic

While ceramic dental implants do certainly show their benefits, they also have a few drawbacks. A major one is the lack of clinical research on their effectiveness. This brings up many limitations in the way the implants can installed. Another issue is the fact that they can only be used as single-piece implants and are less stable than titanium, and more prone to damage or getting loose. This is also made more serious by the fact that titanium implants are much cheaper than the ceramic ones since zirconia is very expensive to manufacture.

The above information should significantly help you to make the right decision when choosing your next dental implant.

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