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A Quick Guide To Dental Implants | Pivot Implants

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A quick guide to dental implants

dental implant is a tool that is attached to your mouth, under the gum line for giving you the maximum comfort. Eventually, the system fuses into your jaw to allow a dental professional to connect a metal post that serves as a “root” for an artificial tooth or artificial teeth bridge. In a lay man’s language, you can also call the dental implants as an advanced update of the traditional dentures. If you need to know more, then you must get in touch with dental implants in Chandigarh for the best solutions.

Why opt for implants over regular options?

  • For both aesthetic and practical purposes, people opt for implants over standard dentures. Many people enjoy the look of implants and appreciate being able to go about their day without having to think about their dentures being implanted, removed, or washed.
  • Another explanation of why many patients prefer implants is that they would like to have a wide variety of foods to enjoy. Traditional dentures can make it difficult, especially those that are hard or sticky, to eat some food. Implants act like natural teeth, once again making eating easy and fun.
  • The ease of caring for your implant or implants is also offered. Regular brushing and flossing are required to clean implants, unlike dentures that may need special cleaning and treatment. This saves you not only time, but it is also a more friendly way to take care of your teeth.
  • Other reasons to opt for implants include not thinking about slipping dentures when talking, as well as the protection provided by implants to your jawbone. If your teeth have gaps, neighbouring teeth can try to move into those spaces. An implant prevents the incidence of this.

How many types of different dental implants are there?

  • Normally, the dental implant itself is made of titanium. The standard material for implants is titanium and has been used with reasonable results for many decades. Usually, the abutment (or post) that holds the new tooth in place is often constructed from titanium. Some dentists, however, use ceramic abutments as an alternative. Get to know more about the same from dental implants in Chandigarhand book your appointment today.
  • It is possible to produce a new tooth (also known as a crown) from one of the different materials. Crowns are mostly made of ceramic or porcelain at the front of the mouth since these are the most natural-looking and can be tinted to suit the rest of your teeth. In certain cases, for back molars that are not easily seen, a dentist can consider using metal crowns. Metals are usually harder than ceramics or porcelain, and for those at risk of damaging their implants, they may be a safe option.

How much time is needed to get an implant done?

  • A multi-step procedure that can take several months is having a dental implant or implants. You are scheduled to have an implant implanted once you and your dental professional have decided that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. This could also entail the removal of the affected tooth to be replaced.
  • Your jaw and underlying tissues will take some time to recover once the implant is in place. This can take from 6 to 12 weeks, everywhere. Your dentist, oral surgeon, or periodontitis will examine the site at this time to ensure that it is properly cured and your new tooth is attached.


This was a quick guide to help you with dental implants that you need to know. If you are looking out to get the implants done, then you must contact your dentist today and get them fixed without any hassles.

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